With my virtual styling services, you'll have access to a digital styling app that is exclusive to my clients.

I will create your profile online, learn more about your style when you take the style quiz, and what you would like for me to shop for. After that, I will shop for you, so that you're able to see the wardrobe pieces I pick out for you in my styling app.

I will also create look books, which are visual boards of how to wear the pieces I picked out and you liked.

I will save you the time and energy of standing in lines, spending countless hours trying on clothes, or trying to find pieces to suit your body shape. I will choose items based on your request, and the info we gathered from your style quiz.

I do; I've partnered with a variety of retailers, and I offer style boxes for clients who shop from those retailers.

Clients will receive a style box of items mailed out to them from me, so that they can try on those pieces, and if they like the pieces they tried on, they can keep those pieces; they will receive an invoice and be charged for those items alone.

If the pieces that you receive from my style box don't fit, you have the option to return them or exchange them directly with me, but they must be returned to me within 3-5 business days.

Keep in mind that if you purchase all the items in the style box, they cannot be returned after only exchanged. 

If you want me to shop at a specific store that I'm not partner with, and you decided that you want to return the items that were bought from that specific retailer, any returning/exchanging, etc. would go directly through the retailer.

My in-person styling services are only available in, Delaware, and Philadelphia.​

My starting rate is $150–$250/hour and $500–$1,000 for my styling packages, but I do offer first-time clients a $20 credit to apply to any wardrobe styling service they book with me.

I'm here to assist you, so feel free to book a complimentary connection session with me, and together we'll find the right wardrobe styling service for you.

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