Glamour and Lens" Photoshoot Styling Package

Glamour and Lens" Photoshoot Styling Package

Glamour and Lens" Photoshoot Styling Package
2-Hour Session

Make your photoshoot unforgettable with my expert styling. Collaborate with me to create a cohesive look that aligns with your vision, aesthetic, and photographic requirements. I will guide you in choosing the right colors, fabrics, textures, and outfits that complement the theme or mood of the photoshoot. Get ready to step in front of the camera with confidence and style.

Included in the package: 

  • Professional photographer- They will capture your best moments and create stunning images during the photoshoot. 

  • Styling consultation: I'll provide you with a personalized styling consultation to help you select the perfect outfit, accessories, and overall look for your photoshoot.

  • Location scouting: We'll assist you in finding an ideal location within your desired location or recommend picture-perfect locations that suit your style. 

  •  2-hour photoshoot session: You'll have a dedicated two hours for the photoshoot, giving ample time to capture different poses and alluring shots.

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Delaware, Philadelphia, New York City and New Jersey

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